Even more lessons



I did tell you about this place, right?



If mornings are filled with music, then evenings are for kalaripayattu..

My instrument is a 35 year body, that has reproduced twice, and is 65 kilos, and a stiffish spinal cord, a paunchy mid section, and thunder thighs. Sigh.

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        • Nothing much. Just drink freshly squeezed unsweetened diluted orange juice on ekadasi. Our bodies are naturally in rhythm to fast because we are in rhythm with the lunar calendar, I read somewhere. Fasting is a great panacea – all the worlds great religions recommend, fasting.
          Plus It’s a great detox as well.
          I also found that it helped to finish the last meal for the day before 6pm, on general days… Because we have sedentary lifestyles, and we don’t need that much food since we don’t work it out…

          Just prepare yr mind, and you’ll sail through.

    • Ouchie!this is the thing about blogging… My online persona is lion to my offline mouse. I demand equal rights for the mouse.

  1. Now that makes you my hero. Actually, if you add the waking up at 4.30 bit, it would actually make you my god, but for now I’ll stick to hero.

  2. and you are 65 kilos? 🙂 in my head you are a stick thin 50 kilo young woman with doe eyes and a long plait of black hair and lots of patience.

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