Mallipoo forlorn



whorls of mallipoo sewn with a needle.
In a city where flowers are preferably hand woven.
– outside an ananda bhavan, sleepy tired at 11 pm.
Flowers white, fresh and still buds. Beauty at a throwaway price.


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  1. Find so much beauty in the post, picture and the comments. Amma buys uthirippoo every evening …ties so beautifully. Saying she is improving her skills though she has perfected the art long ago 🙂 She says the task brings calmness and peace in her. Grandma’s poo charam adore my twelve year old daughter’s othai pinnal every evening. She turns more beautiful. I adore the magic the flower sprinkles in our lives…exactly as you say, at a throwaway price. Likewise the 3 kids daily enjoy hot lunch in banana leaf…priceless gift from grandparents’ garden 🙂

    • Uthiripoo is so so fragrant, we have some in our front yard, and I love how delicate the petals are. It’s such a fine motor skill, the tying

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