This only grant me, o goddess of small things, that I may always colour coordinate my madisar and my tights.

And that I may never forget to wax.



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  1. OMG!! you are some fashion police alright!! But purple and maroon OK no ? paawam let her go 🙂 but i think the Iyer style madisar is a bit cruel …one has to have nice (waxed) legs and what not !
    Can your readers confirm that the iyer madisar is supposed to represent the ardhanareeswara swaroopam – hence the unevenness in covering both the legs completely ?

    • Omg! What a thought! My mum is still puzzling over it.. It could be a real possibility, about ardhanariswara.

      O and I am all cruel in the fashion police department.
      Purple and maroon , can you wear it to Cannes?
      That’s all, milord.

    • Hey! You have a great eye for detail. I didn’t really spot that at all! But still tights jar with a madisar.

      The shapely unadorned leg, should do.

  2. Were those your calves? Nice 😉
    The advantage of iyengar madisar is that the legs are fully covered. Minus? Try walking fast without tripping over and making an enormous ass of yourself.

  3. Tights under madisar? in Madras? What is the world coming to?! *totters away, clucking about these maadren children* And seriously, how does she survive it?

  4. Tights under madisar? Never thought of that! 17 years of marriage and still don’t know to tie one. I am going to get one of those readymade madisars! Convenient, I say!

    • There is something as too much leg! Tights are a way of combatting skin show.

      In an orthodox setting filled with fire, ritual smoke and men in white veshties, an attractive shapely leg is not what the situation calls for, what?

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