I like travelling within tamilnadu because


1 I don’t have to crack the language code. I am one of the crowd, even though i am a stranger

2 I get pongal, samea upma, rava upma, Vada and idly in the continental breakfast served downstairs. Three kinds of chutney, sambar, and crispy dosas on demand. And pineapple kesari. And no one is calling it halva. Plus, I don’t have to suffer toast and cornflakes under the blanket of continental.

3.coimbatore looks attractively rural, even though it is a city. No high rises, as much as chennai.

4. We have a driver who speaks six languages. The mmmim and me naturally held our peace and restricted the battle to glares. Downside this.


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  1. Agree, even though I don’t speak Tamizh like a native. I like travelling anywhere actually, within TN, outside TN, within India, outside India. as long as I get to travel, I am willing to put up with toast and cereal too.

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