I meet a fellow blogger…


In Coimbatore.

This man, who happens to be a friend of my dad, has taken all the risks there are to take…

1 he turned into a farmer after a successful corporate career.

2 he relocated to a small town in Tamil Nadu two years ago, after living in Switzerland for 15 or so years.

3 he encourages his two children to work in a farm and get their hands and feet dirty.

4. Celebrity alert. His wife has met boo s mum.
http://www.boosbabytalk.blogspot.com .She told me that she once gave boos mum her phone to call boo during a stopover in Dubai. But boo and her have never met. What? Aren’t you two the only Indians there? And with kids roughly the same age?
And you haven’t met?!

5. Lurker alert. His wife loves to read art navy too. http://abouttimenow.blogspot.in. But she hadn’t heard of maidinmalaysia. Hmmm.

6. Here is the man, who had pomegranates and peacocks in his garden. He now owns a grand farm, but has the simplest ideas to live by.



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