I took a nap to backspace a hot summer morning, and it s even hotter now, in the afternoon.

#Summerfact a sun kissed warm mango is a cooler option than a chilled glass of lemonade.

#Summerfact a child staying home from school makes the day warmer, hotter, sunnier, longer, hungrier

#Summerfact Better to keep blogposts short. Even the words evaporate in the heat


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  1. Where I am. 50 degrees. Sweltering. Stupid. Summer. Somehow the golden pot was caught in a summer mirage 17 years ago. There is no rainbow. See, the heat is making me insane.

  2. I was right there with you… until I read the final sentence. May I respectfully disagree with that statement. Your posts need to get longer, not shorter! Thanking you.

  3. I disagre with the above. Your biggest skill (and my biggest entertainment) is the way you are able to say so much/everything with so few words. As you can see, I sadly lack that πŸ™‚

  4. I mulled over this , I took a nap to backspace a hot summer morning, for so long that i need to take a nap. At noon. And click enter/return. A half ripe/half raw mango had been sucked dry an hour ago. Your post, post mango, provoking a nap, promises to slice this summer.

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