I have a nephew who has just finished class 12


And he is going through the stomach churn and the mixie of emotions and ambition.

I remember that I was at my worst in the two years that led upto the board examination. I had all the seeds of a writer, fictionally inclined, right brained, and volatile. The cruelty of the CBSE science paper is vicious, to my breed. I couldn’t do the three Rs. read retain and remember.

I would get distracted if the bell rang in the temple a km away, or the theme music for Junoon , the Tamil mega serial, played in the neighbours house, or if the auntie living upstairs yelled at her deaf mum to update her about the family gossip — even Sir cv Raman would be curious, no? Who am I?

My nephew wants to study medicine. It is going to cost a crore of rupees. His father is saying no. His mum is saying maybe homeopathy. The boy doesn’t want to be an engineer. Everyone is glum and overcast.

If I were brave enough to even speak to him, I would only say, what I didn’t know when I was 16…

Teresa of Avila said, “More tears are shed over answered prayers than unanswered ones.”


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  1. That is a beautiful thought – what I needed to read today!
    On an unconnected note, did you go to the ByLoom sale that happened the past weekend? They had beautiful sarees and I remembered you’d mentioned you love handloom sarees.

  2. Ohh..even i am around a lot of people whose kids have just finished 12th..the tension, the running around colleges, the huge fees…

    Reminds me of how we ran around for our daughter’s LKG admission last year…now we are well prepared for her 12th!!;)

  3. Mim

    Why one crore fees ? Is education that expensive now or are you talking about payment / management seats ?

  4. I feel for your nephew, MiM. When I was his age and in this situation, I pretty much had only one choice – Eng Lit (followed by journalism). I was lucky because that was all I wanted to do and all I COULD do with my marks. I shudder to think what I would have done if I’d had the aptitude or the ambition for anything else without the necessary finances.

  5. If he is really into meds, how about choosing a realted subject, say chemistry – do good degrees,really know the science of what medicine compositions are,what makes an effective medicine? Doing PhD, he can still affix “Dr” to his name 🙂
    Seriously, I’ve seen Med students cramming just before exams and really wonder how they fare as doctors(maybe the saying “100 pera konna than, ara vaithiyan aavan” is true!)

    • This was the suggestion that came upto him.

      And was grinning after I read that tamil saying… Never heard of it before

  6. Does it really cost a crore? It takes a huge time I understand. Poor guy, if he is really determined though he will go thru with it? Right? These churns help solidfy our desire

  7. Did anybody bother to ask him why he wants to do Medicine? When I was his age, I was fascinated by computers and took an engg course in that field just because of that; nothing more nothing less. If he has a dream of doing service to society as a Doc, then why not?

    In a few years, an MBBS (even Engg for that matter) admission may cost even higher. You know why? The rot learning system perfected by Namakkal like schools produce ever increasing nr of toppers with centum in all core subjects but the seat additions in Medical institutions are not catching up that fast. Result? Fewer seats, MORE seekers and the ones with deepest pockets win!

    A cousin of mine paid a huge sum to study MD in Radiology – in an ‘out of State’ institution. I asked him ‘why Radiology’ and he said ‘cool job, no stress like other branches of Med’!!! So for him the money was worth spending for a life to be spent glancing at scan reports from the confines of his cubicle / plush office suite whatever…

    Something gotta give!

    • He dreams of being a doctor…. We are still waiting for some result from the colleges he has applied in…

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