Smart advantage


The iPad is how the boys learnt most of their Carnatic music to supplement their weekly lesson.

I love repeat on loop. It drives the mmmmim nuts. He has expressed a certain reservation that I overdo things. And varaveena 36 times in a morning can cause ennui even to the sophisticated ear.

I ignore the mmmim. our mornings are filled with non stop carnatic on the loop. Only one CD, by our guru smt seetha Rajan

I think you can hear some stuff here…

A few months have passed and now the boys have gotten a clear idea of sharp ragas like mohanam, valachi, amritavarshini, sudha saveri and hindolam …. They can tell them apart and sing them in tune. And we are only a few months into music.

And for me, I can playback music that I recorded in my class. Hear the music when I drive. Sing along. Keep the Talam on a digital metronome, Listen to a tambura shruti, online.

These idevices give a clean leg up for the keen beginner with little or no talent. For sure.

I couldn’t have done it without apple. Thank you.


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