Fasting and what it has done for me


My top 5 reasons why I have been a regular faster for the last four years…

1. Intangibly, fasting brings me luck. The zero solids in my tummy, and the more lucky I get… The universe conspires to keep me on top of my bubble. If kid gets hurt –it’s not serious, and more importantly I don’t panic. Traffic clears — or I don’t stress about jams. The mmmim offers to be patient and kind! I sing better and exercise better.

2 I am closest to my ideal body weight than I have ever been , even in my 20s.

3 food gets steadily less tempting after the first 9 or so hours…

4 I have more time — about three hours extra.. All that chunk of time spent in cooking and thinking about what to eat or what I ate…

5 I sleep very very soundly.


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    • Every ekadasi…. That is once in 15 days… That is the day of the lunar calendar, so the alignment of our bodies is just right with the earth to stay off…

      But I used to do a once a week fast that worked beautifully too…

      I have done only water fasts too, and three day orange juice fasts, as well… All, very doable.

      Freshly squeezed-Diluted orange juice, unsweetened was my constant companion.

      And. There is fast too much press on nutrition and diet. This method of rejuvenation is ignored because there isn’t much to say… What is the glamour in saying I skipped three meals today??

      I’ve found that It’s important to expect the universe to work in tandem…last time I fasted, The mmmim said he was eating out on a business dinner, the kids are happy with dosas… And curd rice for school.

      It is important to be with people who think you can make it, rather than people who think you are wasting away …

  1. I end up with a splitting headache and higher irritation(mental). Who does the cooking then?
    More details please – for us kathu kutties

    • You should try doing a rawfood only day per week…

      Stop eating after six in the evening, just the Jains, this you can practice regularly…. Nothing to it. That way you get used to fasting for 12 hours…. On a daily basis even.

      So that leaves only 12 hours.

      slowly you are ready for fasting…

      I do the cooking!

      Tomorrow is the day of ekadasi, which means I have a music lesson happening at 930. 15 women come into the living room and learn singing here… Which means I have to spin and get the hall to some level of habitability. I also make a snack ready for them , which means 15 to 25 vadas…and an hour extra in the kitchen

      And then I sing for an hour.

      cooking some lunch for kids…

      Pick up from school, drop off at classes, attend an impromptu music rehearsal to get the songs right, sit through their homework in the evenings. Dinner.The works!

      But there is time for freshly squeezed oj. Or musambi.

      Some quiet time meditating…
      And gratitude to the Universe for keeping me lighter, happier and fresh…

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