Mehendi confessions


A few women were getting their hands mehendid…at a resort on the beachside, where I went for the weekend.

It’s interesting how many women opened up to talk as they held out their hand..


One said : “it is three years since I wore Mehendi on my hands. There is just too much housework, and with kids I don’t get a break. At night I just want to crash into bed.”

Another said : “my husband hates Mehendi, so I stopped wearing it since I was married. But since he is not around at the moment…”

A third : “my mil wears Mehendi. We stay in a joint family. Every time I hope she will give me a break and say okay daughter in law you wear Mehendi for this celebration, nope.never. She even wears Mehendi on her feet, and relaxes.”

My favourite story is the one of the Mehendi girl, who deftly applied the green paste in a cone.

“I fought with my mum. My mum is an expert in Mehendi designs. And every time I would yell at her saying, ma, you only draw lovely designs on my sisters. Never for me.

” in a huff, I decided to teach myself to draw Mehendi. And now Mehendi is funding my education. On weekends i draw Mehendi art at a resort. And on weekdays I am a student of physics in quaid e millath college.”


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  1. I love mehendi. But have maybe only worn it twice. Once for my wedding and another for the son’s upanayanam. Recently the niece tried a teeny design for the brother’s engagement. It was not enough. Maybe I will outdo the bride at the wedding!

  2. I dislike mehendi. Its just too bugging to sit through the design + drying it etc etc…but but but..I LOVED that last line in your wonderful is that!

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