Eat your words, am back on facebook


I hate this humble pie business…

Heck! Look at where I am standing.

am trying to build a facebook community.

Things that so don’t help
1, that I am not on facebook.
2 I have just gotten on to make this page
3 this is a page to promote music taught in a novel manner by a world class musician
4 and there is no fee being charged, which is why I am feeling so bound to do this.

This is the page we have

But can you help me out…
By telling me
1 what works
2 give pointers for improvement
3 and help me reach out to more people


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  1. MIM,

    I will tell you what works best – how the page reflects your absolute adoration and respect for Seetha mami and her school, and what you will do for the cause 🙂 Here’s to a million likes for the page and lots of lots of committed music students

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