Lessons for the boys…
an external situation of no-food, that an eclipse imposes happened today.

This was godsend for my fuss pots to learn a few life lessons…

Not even water after a light breakfast of idlies, milk and a banana. On a school day. That was almost eight hours of no eats. Skipping lunch and holding off till dinner.

Firstborn,9, did fantastic. He was hungry. But he was determined to get through the day with a smile. Which is atypical. He settled down with a book, decided to go for his kalari class and then take a bath and then have a light dinner.

Lessons he learnt: patience, putting his mind off hunger, endurance… This chap exceeded expectation. He could have missed dinner, as well. He was determined to crack the fasting code.

Baby param, 6. This is the chap who doesn’t turn a feather at blood, blisters and injury. And he fusses to eat. So no lunch would be great, he told me before he went to school. But at 3 pm he was hungry. He was floundering. Cons I have some sugar ma? He asked.

He napped and took off his mind of his tummy.

And he couldn’t wait to break the fast and get to a nice piece of rock sugar.

Lessons learned : far less hyper, thoughtful of hungry people and poor people, quieter.

Me: I did a no food , no water fast. (I don’t like eating once a day… Then I feel hungry at regular intervals)
. But if I don’t eat I can go on… Like the energiser bunny.

I am an experienced faster…. I have fasted on juice for many years now, done water fasts… So a one off dry fast isn’t tough.
Thankfully cooking was minimum today.

Firstborn gave me 99/100 for setting a great example.

Baby param gave me 98/100 for good behaviourr


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  1. Me – I ate chat during the eclipse with a friend (made her eat as well breaking the no junkfood diet she is on) as I was unusually hungry at that 4PM 🙂

  2. Fasting rocks.
    Though how a wife starving helps the husband, is the only one I am yet to crack.

    And oh I survive on chaat – time-tested formula to keep away homesickness.

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