Step 1: today I locked myself and kids out. Kids are already late for their class.

the good news: I had the car keys and cellphone.

the bad news: the duplicate house keys are with the mmmim who is in Mumbai on work.

Step2: ย I decide to focus on getting to class first.

Good news: is that class is only 10 minutes away

bad news:ย car gate key is locked in at home with the housekey. ouch.

good news : an auto magically appears.

Step 3: get to class. Drop kids and call mmmim.

Good news: I don’t have to hear that lecture that begins with :”you careless careless etc ” just yet. The man is on the flight to chennai and so the phone is switched off.

better news: three of my friends offer their roofs, homes and hearts to house us until the mmmim appears.

best news: Naturally, I choose the friend who offers a prayer for “zero superior looks and snarks from spouse.”

mmmim returns.

he is livid. All mosquitoes are indoors. I had left three windows open, when I locked myself out.

oh well.

moral of the story: the rest of the things can happen in any other city. But mosquitoes can get in through netlon windows only in chennai.


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  1. Leave a third set of keys with the best friend who housed you? Then next time use that set to get in, shut windows and go back to her house+heart?

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