How to crack math.


When I was growing up in a CBSE school, math was an uncomfortable place.

Was it as squirm worthy as Physics, i cannot clearly recall — and that seemed to be my general malaise “cannot clearly recall”

enter friend. This is the one friend who topped Olympiads, won scholarships for outstanding academic records, made it to IIT, dream universities abroad and still had the heart to teach a classmate a key point on the day before an exam.

These are her tips to me for cracking math and teaching math. since I cannot etch them out in gold, the next best thing I can do is blog…

1. Start with numbers below 10 and slowly scale upwards. Math is very simple, since there are always rules for you to hold on to.

example: To teach mixed  fractions. Tell a story of diving two apples to two monkeys. Make it four apples. Make it 10. Make it 9– and you will get the answer four and a half.

do not attempt 227/4 at first.

To teach equivalence divide two apples between two children, three apples between three children, four apples between four children… And show the child patiently how the answer is always one.

2. make sure the child cannot fail. progress slowly. This gives the child confidence and time to assimilate the concept.

3. Maths has an invisible rhythm point. It is like this. You are miserable about the traffic till Poonamallee. Things move slowly till then. And once you reach the highway — you are magically cruising to Bangalore! That happens with math too.


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