Day 30 of the #100dhotipact


Baby Param, 6, makes strangling noises when he has to wear a kurta and pyjama.

He hates the collars of the kurta, the long sleeves, and the polycot passing for cotton. and he hates the pyjama — from the nada, to the nada tuck, to the chudidarness, which isn’t urgent-loo-scramble friendly.

this month he got friendly with the dhoti. Summery. Thin. Delicate. Rectangular piece of white. No Fuss.

He has been playing cricket, riding a bike and playing catch outdoors in a dhoti.

yesterday he announced he would go for his morning summer class wearing a dhoti and a tee.

He did.

I didnt tell him this.

But I can speak my mind here ..

hat tip, child!


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  1. Give him a big, big hug from me. My son who is 15 has to be forced to wear one. So when he went off to boarding school in April, I packed a veshti without him knowing about it. On Vishu day, he calls me and sheepishly says, “Amma, thanks, I wore the veshti since other boys wore it too.” 🙂 When I was younger, I used to like men in crisp veshtis and my friend used to say, “Go, marry a vadhyar!”

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