Thought bubble…


A friend called to tell me about her 11-day silent retreat in a vipassana meditation centre. She told me how she spent her days in 10-hour meditations, and not even looking or making eye contact with others, eating simple meals — the amazing thing she said was how close she felt to the other meditators at the end of the session — when not a word or a look passed between them.
And when she returned home, there were crises to firefight, and she said she felt at peace, at poise and up to it all.

I am wondering at how much conversation there is inside and outside of me…
and at how much of silence is needed for harmonious living?
Do we need a national average of quiet per head — what is the dose for adults and for children ?
And how do we weave it into our daily lives?


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  1. I’ve done a Vipassana course at Igatpuri… my main problem was mosquitoes! Every break we had, I’;d rush off to my room and slather every bit of bare skin with a thick layer of Odomos. The other problem was sitting cross legged for hours. My hips were screaming. In silence, of course. 🙂 The first 3 days were torture and I’d have given anything to go home. It got better after that and I felt very peaceful and calm. (but maybe that’s because I’m a peaceful and calm person by nature!) 🙂

    Lovely to see you back, MiM. Loved catching up with your posts. Your little one is an absolute scream! 🙂

  2. i think it makes sense that silence would bond, given that we bond with the animals that live with us. no judgement, just the interweaving of consciousness.

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