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Describe! Imagine! It is your universe


Me: “child! When you write a fictional prologue, the universe is yours — you can set your scene anywhere – outerspace, under a dining table, in a snorkeller’s-only- society that insists on members having last names that begin with W.”


Firstborn: ” I think I will just go with a park.”

Me: (in private) aaaaargh!!!!!!

Me: Child! you can put in any food from anywhere — triple scoops of blue icecream on double cones, dosas that are brown on the outside and uncooked on the inside, onion-flavoured green tea…

Firstborn: “I think I will go with cup corn.”

Me(totally in tears of disappointment) – Aaaaaaaaaarghness!

me: when new characters meet subtle is good. You don’t have to be explicit, black and white or direct.Nuance, glances with hidden messages, furtive looks are perfect for building excitement.

firstborn: I think. I will go with “Hi! I am Peter. Hey friends! What are your talents?”

Am currently mulling over stabbing myself with firstborn’s compass.