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bouquet of the happies…


1. there’s a 10 y.o. who lives in our block. i absolutely dote on her. she had a recitation contest in school.’any poem on animals’ . i chose macavity by ts eliot… sat down and coached her. a bit. last week she made it through the quarters, and semis. in today’s finals she aced over tigers burning bright, and was announced the winner. inner feeling: pride!

2. firstborn participated in a handwriting contest in his section … this was the only contest i ever wished and prayed and willed that MY primary school would have. i didnt want to win at quiz, not at singing, not at art, not at olympiads…. of course they had art, singing, quiz, olympiads, and no handwriting. inner feeling: pompous. (because some of my ideas are being implemented by schools, who never knew( and still don’t know) i have all these precient ideas … ) 


3. we are not really into celebrating birthdays with  parties, food, organising, outsourcing and hoo haa. mostly because i am this tired mum … who CANNOT attend yet another birthday party even if it was her own child’s.  but. to cope with lazy mums like me… the school announced today as the field trip day. firstborn is thinking this is his birthday treat. thank you happenstance

inner feeling: relief.  (ahem, er happenstance… not being too pushy or anything. but for baby param’s birthday the school could have a sports day or something. heh heh)


4. attending a kutcheri when i least expected to… (see prev. post) inner feeling: magic





the last kutcheri me and the mmmim attended, i was seven months pregnant with firstborn… and there was only one chair left … so i watched 97 per cent of a pillar that blocked my view of aroona sayeeram ( i saw 100 per cent of Ms. Sayeeram’s left ear a),

and the accoustics were terrible… and i was worried that the mmmim would say “let’s leave in the tani avartanam…”
and he was standing 24 chairs away.

and i wanted my unborn baby to hear classical music live and all that jazz.

v.v.v.hassled, what?


cut to yesterday…

a balmy breezy evening and we were floor-seated and listened to Mehaboob Subhani and Kaleeshabi Mehaboob playing the nadaswaram…

1. i hadn’t ever heard of them and they are from my homestate Tamil Nadu

2. i didn’t know they were husband and wife (and she in my humble opinion is the star)

3. they were Muslim… and as they played the gem “Entharo”, i was blown far far far away…

4. there was an audience of about 100 … hanging on every sway of the kaapi raga

5. two caterpillars in my salad = firstborn and baby param… firstborn, child of mine, who has listened to aroona sayeeram when he just an unborn, promptly SLEPT when the good sheikh mehaboob indicated that he was going to start the super fast disco-ish number marukelara. and  baby param who did the fidget tani avartanam…

*carnatic music live is so hard on parents to serve on a platter to children, even if i bribed them a thavil each, including the finger bands*

6. the mmmim is the zakir hussain in the family, give him an upturned bucket and he’ll extract two bucket fulls of thaka dhimi tha … but he’s also the most restless soul in this side of KL.

the man kept his blackberry on silent, and sat for an hour and a half. those who know the mmmim know that the last time he sat still was when he was asleep on an airplane.


here’s a video that doesnt do any justice to who the couple are and how beautifully they play…  but that’s what i could find on