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non bloggers dont have this scary aura


met one such for bfast. RS isnt a blogger. but an occasional commenter… and she moved here to KL, a few months ago.

(and since every reader here is interested in the fine print here goes… @ her place
i ate
1. hot tikkis
2. chole
3. dahi vadas
4. fresh nimbu paani
5. dhokla

and much more…)

her almost 2 year old and baby param had a largely non-verbal argument about laptops. both wanted the one that wasnt working.:-)

RS was warm and funny and practical. and i totally enjoyed the chat.

and here’s the photo reva sent in. She won a contest held in this space looong ago. And really sweet of her to send me this photo of her husband’s birthday spread (featuring the place mats i sent)
hey! dont bother looking at what’s under the plate… look at what’s on it.

the un-attached bathroom


we weekend gotawayed to a place that had t h i s much space between the loo and the mini-room we stayed.

v.v.v. odd.

i have never lived in a place where the bathroom wasn’t at the heart of the house are at least at the kidney of the house . but here the loo was a whole half a kilometre away. the washbasin, even further.

see ma's saree in red. that's our room. see firstborn yonder wearing that silly ring. there was our bathroom. *gasp*

and other stories.

the place had a swing and all, but we were too busy counting the steps to and fro the loo trips

the mmmim thinks i am the paparazzi. honestly

a chinese mini temple. but it had empty beer cans nearby. So Gods do get thirsty, huh?

how hot water was arranged for our baths

ma and the grandsons

oh i forgot. it was a beach we went to

aaargh mom moment.


“I’d take the fox across first…”

said firstborn

after I’d spent a whole 20 minutes explaining this “problem” to him.

Suppose you are a boatman and you want to carry 3 things across the river. The three are: a tiger, a goat and a bundle of grass.

-You can carry only one thing at a time in each direction.
– The Tiger will not eat you. the tiger will eat the goat / the goat will eat the grass if left alone on a bank.
-You have to complete the transfer in a minimum number of trips.

1 small aargh moment for motherhood.
1 giant aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh by the MiM

that dont impress me much


when i was 16. i used to go “oooooooooh” over women who pronounced french words the french way, while speaking english. eg. a pince-nez, grand prix, renaissance etc

i thought it showed their pedigree. and i wanted to be their slave for life and join whichever finishing school they went to.

now. at 32. these are what i go “oooooooh” about…

—> when a woman tells me she can milk a cow. and that her cows yield about five to six litres of milk at a milking session.

—> when a woman volunteers to sit on the floor, at an informal party because all chairs filled with guests

–> a woman who learned swimming, by swimming in the river

___> a woman who can find and change the fused bulb in our fridge

—> a woman whose dog accompanied her to her village school (3 kms one way)

___> a woman who can make 250 samosas in 2 days

__> a nurse who slowly removed the sticky bandages off my bloodied blood clotted middle finger, while being gentle, kind and v.v.skilful

__> a woman whose first baby died, when he was just 9 hours old. and how she cries alone. everyday. in his memory. for the last six years. and she wipes away her tears before her 4 year old can see.

__> a secretary who bought eight expensive perfumes to give away for christmas, but gifted them to her friends and family before October

(all these women … i have met here in KL)

the middle finger


healed fast. homoeo speeded recovery 200 per cent.

the hand-surgeon was disappointed to let my hand go. (we were forking out fistfuls of ringgitt per nanosecond, or so claimed the mmmim)

deluged with party invitations…

in my case

1 invitation = deluge.
2 = catastrophe.
3 = run for your life

this bday party culture has got to stop.


and next i hear talk of diwali parties (*sob*) round the corner… why wont people leave me to my ‘tanhai’ …