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bathroom tappers


year 1984: MiM is 6.
“uncle R! how much longer are you going to be in the bathroom. I want to play with you…”

year 2009: firstborn, age 4. ” uncle R! I want to talk to you, Are you done yet? How much longer…”

a favourite uncle. and the two point three minutes he takes a loo-break seems like time wasted.

Mickey spouse


the MMMiM again. almost perfect scores in mathematics through school.three professional degrees. 14 years of work-exp.
and he still cant get the facts about one teeny cartoon right.

~ “isn’t mickey a girl? the voice sounds er… feminine…”

~ He also wanted to know how firstborn told Daisy and Donald apart — “dont they look similar”

(all the while i am cluttering my brain with completely unnecessary trivia like the Italian name for Mickey Mouse is Topolino)
How does AJ keep arguments down to three a day?



so i dropped our digital camera and the MMMiM gave me a great-grandfather of all lectures.
he’s STILL giving me post-scripts to the original lecture.

malaysia celebrated its 52nd year of freedom from British colonial rule on August 31.
Firstborn is running across the lawns of Merdeka Square. Celebrations were cancelled here because of H1N1 — and so firstborn was free to run across…

100_0295posting delayed

*headerpic: baby param waves the malaysian flag that firstborn brought back from school.