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lunch at a friend’s


sometimes i wonder if they knew how helpless i am at setting the table…would some people continue to be friends with me.

(from left to right) chole, aloo, paneer, boondi raita, salad; jeera rice


even the ladles are facing the same direction

only two people spilt jeera rice while serving themselves.

one was a 3 year old.
the other was me.



fb: do you want to be the cockroach or do you want to be the lizard
bp: i’ll be a cockroach, and you be the lizard.
fb: ok
bp: ok

i love it when the brothers agree on something.
photos from the recent birthdays…

the six year old

this is the cake for baby param's birthday. i baked the whole thing myself. even the cars.

heh heh!
just kidding.

“elite payasams”


sago, doesnt feature on that list, says Uma.

humbled. i reviewed my list again. after hours of salivating i’ve arrived at my top 3.

hot paal payasam
hot samea payasam
and cold badamkheer

i would hate it if milkmaid feels left out of this sugarfest. any payasam that has been enriched by milkmaid would also fall into the top 3.

the uppu seedai that rolled under the tractor


the footprints. not a messy disaster like last time. yay!

spent yesterday evening telling stories to the children.
realised krishna lopped off more than his fair share of rakshasas — shakatasura, banasura, narakasura, denukasura, etc much to firstborn (the amateur taekwondoian’s) delight.

my favourite krishna story was the one about sudhama. i tried to dwell on the simple friendship and what it meant to both. my hopes of making a sentimental sermon were promptly squashed like an uppu seedai that rolled under a tractor.
firstborn:” never mind that. tell me how krishna leapt on kalinga’s many heads?”
kitchen report
cooking hit: ghee appam, seeyan
flop: sago payasam
cooking mystery: why didnt the dahi vada swell to double its size after being dunked in curd?