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batu caves


the mmmim misses temples and the social network it gave him in chennai. (he may or may not have heard of facebook; he may or may not have heard it is 2011).

and being the mmmim he overcompensates.

he’s adopted a temple here… and goes to help out on weekends. cleaning. chatting with a maama. giving tulsi. serving prasadam. spending four hours on a saturday morning that begins at 5.45 a.m.

being type A. type hyper A.

very rarely i tag along.

(note to ma: you can click on the images to see bigger photos)

and weddings come in twos.


at this reception I had TOTAL fun.
the mmmim and i were colour co-ordinated (his kurta buttons and my salwar kameez were the same colour)

there was music and dance (the mmmim was in kollywood heaven)

the ladies there were poured into blouses so attractively stitched that I was determined to get the number of all these stylo tailors and ask em why they weren’t hanging around in chennai in 2004 when i was getting married?

and these last few photos were meant as a primer for all those tailors in chennai to whom my ma takes my blouse materials. look and learn please.

it’s taken us three years to be invited


to a wedding…here in KL

in other news…


on hearing that aishwarya rai has delivered:

the mmmim: ” yes, but tell me why this end of the curtain is dangling”

bollywood leaves the man cold.


baby param crawled under the bathroom door.

apparently he locked himself inside the bathroom at school. panicking, he tried to kick it open. when he couldnt… he flattened himself on the floor and creeped out.

i am not even thinking of the eyuuuuuuu-ness that this event has generated.

the things that child does.

firstborn won a spot prize for answering a fun question in school: “why do we have two ears and one mouth?”

“to listen more and talk less” he said.

we were stunned to know that this child knows this in theory.

because practical FAIL.

and wordpress tells me I am 500 posts old. gosh. i CAN go on sometimes huh?… classic case of the mimpot calling the firstbornkettle black. heh heh.

three plus


“and may god less you…
and may god less you…”

baby param singing the happy birthday song. and what he thinks is the second stanza…


so. ma. what did you do at home today ?”

Baby param pops me the question as he jumps out of the van. er. wasnt that my half of the dialogue?

“today the teacher stamped on some books and slapped me…”

this is 100 per cent fiction. maybe even 200 per cent.

“hello. vanakkam. oru kaamedy sollunga”

baby param answering the phone.

i have mentioned earlier that i will never forgive the mmmim for watching kollywood dial-in comedy shows. totally stand by it.

full month of burnt idlis for the mmmim coming up.

there’s a lot of good press about toddlerhood, infancy, bibs and breastfeeding. but i was too tired to notice. i found the first years of motherhood overwhelmingly exhausting ( on good days ) and exhaustingly overwhelming (on the other days).

and just when firstborn headed schoolwards, babyparam popped out. and there went another three years.

i want to go on record that i am not nostalgic about baby photos, prams and spit-ups. i dont miss the emergency runs, suppositories, and the dirtiest tee-shirts in this side of south east asia. i dont miss the four hour marathon feeding sessions, baby chairs and the backaches.

here’s my happiness haiku

you child
are three
am glad for me