happily ever after


that’s the thing about living in malaysia…
neatly matches my lazy temperament.

a perfectly lovely concept of stretchable time. celebrations are PLANNED many days after the actual event.

eg. deepavali bashes are STILL on. my friends are still wearing silk sarees and lugging a neckfull of bling to deepavali parties.

baby param had a deepavali assembly in his school three days ago.

yesterday our building celebrated deepavali with an open house and a pot luck.

yep… and nobody prefixes the word “belated”. how perfectly wonderful, i say.

cookies from firstborn's kindie teacher. arrival date: about four days apres.


the mmmim got greeting cards. i fell off my chair in surprise. a world still not eaten by all things e?


ringgitt for the boys. about 7 days apres

at yesterday’s pot luck…

my tubfull of cow's milkiest and mtr's samea-est. payasam. firstborn's was alliterating about sowmya's who like samea...


going easy on the decorations. not.

going easy on the banners. not.


pretty packs of moolah that the kids keep raking in with amazing regularity


there is no such thing as too late for a dabba of murrukku…


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  1. love stretched out festivities 🙂

    there is a small teeny tiny leeetle chance we’ll move to your neck of the woods. promise me dabbas of murukku if that happens?

  2. Do we live in two separate KL’s MIM? Here diwali was forgotten as soon as the road side shops near our house disappeared. Even the toddler’s school celebrated diwali 3 days in advance..hmmph
    lovely envelopes..the peacock one is beautiful

    • hey rs.
      ours was quietish the first couple of years too…
      at about three years KL nicely snuggles into your heart.
      stay tuned.

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