Monthly Archives: January 2009

the very dirty toothbrush


grandma didn’t have the heart to throw away the toothbrush that firstborn used before he left for Kuala Lumpur. So it sat in the bathroom stand for seven long months…

to become a very dirty toothbrush, high on bacteria and grime, and also on love.


you know you are in India when


~ firstborn talks in his sleep. And he’s saying “I love India. I love Indian cows”

~ my back turns for a few minutes and baby param is AGAIN clutching a fistful of bank notes. In this recession times, it pays to be Baby Param

~ you get into the car and don’t have to strap up. Ah! luxury

~ Baby Param is still in Malaysia Time with daily 3 a.m. poo-poos. hmpf.

~ the baby’s pram is shoved away in the loft. Baby Param has never been so “carried away”.

~ I have to eat humble sooka rotis (blackened and two days old). One roti, for every time i sniggered when I poked fun at the NRI contingent buying mosquito repellent by the kilo.
Baby Param is the worst hit 😦

India shopping list


Of all the puzzling questions that I have tried to solve… over the last week

this particular one has continued to be a riddle:

What’s a suitable present for the sister-in-law’s mother-in-law?
two tins of cow creamer
dry fruits
bars of chocolate
fancy sieve

yes. i am after those silly brownie points.