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you know you are in India when


~ firstborn talks in his sleep. And he’s saying “I love India. I love Indian cows”

~ my back turns for a few minutes and baby param is AGAIN clutching a fistful of bank notes. In this recession times, it pays to be Baby Param

~ you get into the car and don’t have to strap up. Ah! luxury

~ Baby Param is still in Malaysia Time with daily 3 a.m. poo-poos. hmpf.

~ the baby’s pram is shoved away in the loft. Baby Param has never been so “carried away”.

~ I have to eat humble sooka rotis (blackened and two days old). One roti, for every time i sniggered when I poked fun at the NRI contingent buying mosquito repellent by the kilo.
Baby Param is the worst hit 😦


India shopping list


Of all the puzzling questions that I have tried to solve… over the last week

this particular one has continued to be a riddle:

What’s a suitable present for the sister-in-law’s mother-in-law?
two tins of cow creamer
dry fruits
bars of chocolate
fancy sieve

yes. i am after those silly brownie points.

fast and slow


i met a mum in a hurry,
and her daughter’s only three.
violin classes and mind-gym,
bedtime stories from Kipling’s Kim,

I also met a mum who’s learned to wait,
I’ll wait, she said,
when he didn’t speak at three

I won’t rush him,
I’ll wait, she said,
when his first words were garbled.

Now, four, he can say,
Mummy, I hungry;
Mummy I’m off to school

His words are there,
But still not clear

I am in no rush
to take on the world
I’ll wait, she says.



~ as a kid, i had this annoying collection of knock-knock jokes (knock, knock, who’s there? gokul? go cool yer head in cold water)

~ as a teen, i tormented the deja tormented lot with how many engineers it would take to change a light bulb

~ now, i’m collecting see ya laters…
see ya later, alligator
see ya in a while, crocodile
see ya around town, clown
See ya soon, goon