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raison d’etre


when someone strings certain words together, inadvertently, advertently or just plain tently…

your sigh-exhalation has puffed up a huge thought-balloon. and you dot and curve inside it a marghazi-kolam of the possibilities for your word-craft … for what your writing may one day become…

all because of the couple your name sat beside — inadvertently, advertently or just plain tently. on the sixth paragraph 


what is the point in having a blog


if you are almost down to one post a month…

thus spake my ma, who is tweeting and into more latest www stuff than i ever aspire

so i shake off my dinosaurfossil existence and compose a lazy gal’s blogpost, which is more pix than writing…

glad to announce that the boys have found a playground which gets full marks on green, space and quiet


i went to the mylapore festival, a few weekends ago.
1. i think it should be held in a city other than chennai
2. and at a place other than mylapore if it is to be held in chennai.

mylapore looks mostly like this even without the festival, still…

there’s a maami who can draw a mean kolam…


free hand

free hand




like plum used to say into every life some rain must fall.
you may not feast in an abundance of white gravy and cooked veggies say the good folks of sangeetha. thought for the day, what.

and here’s a song to tell you, life’s good… and uncomplicated. i love how balamuralikrishna does the equivalent of a backspace at 3.59 onwards because he adds a tender sangathi

and so here

i am happy, this new year



i parked my car near school to pick the boys.

the auto-man glowered and said, i’d parked all wrong … he told me to re-park my car; park elsewehere or he’ll pull out the air in my tyres.

i was calm. i told him i’d be back in 5 minutes after picking the children. and i told him ‘please dont be angry … i only parked a little off because someone was drinking her coffee on the sidewalk , and i wanted to give her a little room.’

‘there was nobody here,’ he said.

‘there was too,’ i said.

and i disappeared.

when i fetched the boys, there he was still there sourer than ever.

i fished out a gift from the car i’d kept for someone else — and passed it to him… a box of soan papdi and a huge bright calender of indian dance forms.

i smiled and said ‘happy new year’.

and in return he gave me the mastercard 2013 moment of priceless expressions

and that explains my headline for this post.