Monthly Archives: March 2010

which of the following is a must…


before a blogger’s meet…?

1. lose 10 kg
2. trim eyebrows so they can see my eyes/forehead
3. wait a week. so that effects of hair-oil i applied two days ago, finally wear off
4. take along baby param and fb. that way my distracted /harassed appearance might be attributed to motherhood.

(ladies to meet = artnavy and kenny)


How aaaaaaaaargh can life get



this entry i wrote wins third place for a contest organised by the Malaysian government.

I should be thrilled right?

The prize is two air tickets to Malaysia to be collected in a ceremony on March 28. (Plus five star hotel stay for three nights)

And the wedding that I have flown all this way to Chennai (with kids/spouse/ jing bang) is on March 31.

How aaaaaaaargh can life get?

the first 24 hours


a hairwash at 7 in the evening. a sweet kozhakattai. and a salty one. a cow, a dog and a cat on the same street. the 13th day after a death. a birthday. walking to a shop across the street. drawing a wet kolum in the hall. eating off a banana leaf. gossip. reading the times of india.

104 degrees on firstborn’s forehead. and i have not freaked out. so. this is where i left behind my sanity.

reva’s gift hamper


is ready.


arty woodsy place- mats (all the better to invite me to dinner, mah dear)
a golden photo frame (all the better to frame a photo of me, mah dear)
a kiddie hardcover for her daughter (all the better to keep the kiddie busy, while i am being served)

congrats reva!
have to go where i have never gone before for this one. the courier dept of the post office in malaysia…

treasure island theme party


i helped a neighbour recently do a musical-themed party (because her daughter’s name meant flute). cake had a peacock feather and a flute…
1. we got the moms to wrap the children in toilet paper and make them look like flutes
2. a little game of musical housie — with names of instruments written on paper cards
3. and such like

when i was pleased at myself no end for persuading my friend out of a non-disney non-princess theme…

my friend in chennai, has a “pirate”/treasure-island themed party for her son
— and she baked the cake at home.
i loved the candles that went on the side…

(last time her husband apparently took the photos a little laaate — there were only crumbs on the scene)
this time he did better:-)