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the best part about



i discovered after i clicked on



roach extermination


*gory post*

i am trying everything. roach repellent spray. boric acid+ jaggery+maida. broom stick bashing.

i was telling the kids of my latest modus operandi.

“Suddenly, there was a roach in the sink. quickly i slid on a plastic bag in my hand and captured the wiggly roach. and i pachaked the life out of it, and emptied the contents into the waste bin… .”

firstborn: “ma dont do that!”

me: “why firstborn?” thinking he was eyuuuuuuuu-d out by the goriness.

fb: “you shouldn’t waste plastic ”



and just when i was doing so well in the smiling@chennai department,

friends from KL dropped by for tea …

and my mind quickly goes to rewind . smiling is frozen until further notice.

in other breaking news: “kindness to spouse” is already on hold, and he only just landed in the airport.

three months is my hangover recovery time


i’ve been having KL-withdrawal symptoms, so i didnt feel like smiling

i mostly had a sour face and a dour attitude .

and i can feel it vanishing slowly…

i think i smiled in chennai (for no reason)

did you hear the deepavali sms for chennaiites: may your prosperity increase like the gold price and petrol and diesel price, and may your sorrows be like the chennai power-cut : suththamm.heh heh!

been having a lot of fun reading


the adyar times…

read and learn

1. “adyar cabs” doesnt have branches. they’ve put this msg way above their phone number, way way above cards are accepted. that they have ac and no ac vehicles. perish that thought that adyar cabs has branches.
2. yuvan shankar is performing in *sigh* KL; i dont know one song off hand that he’s famous for, but *sigh* KL, I miss you a lot…
3. Sweatha Electronics is giving “spot cash” for Ac’s, geysers, motors, fridges even in “dead condition” the “wanted” section there’s a big ad for an expert wanted for 1- to-1 Maths Tutor fora class XI, cbse student: must be “motivational”, says the ad. heck to deal with CBSE motivational wont do evangelical would be better.

here’s the cover photo that i quite liked…

this photo is about a joint family in besant nagar. meenakshi guides her daughters i law saradha, shantha, vasanthi, uma and lekshmi in preparing sweets etc. her granddaughter vidya and great grand daughter shivani are also in the team…
(me thinks shivani’s ears should be tweaked for nearly stepping on those crispy looking shankarapalles)

but the editorial was about festivals in the metro being passe and that no one makes sweets at home.