Monthly Archives: October 2011

i wasnt exaggerating


… when i said my house looks like it was hit by a tidal wave.

the wave’s name is baby param.

and the wave’s mum is SO tired…


yet another deepavali post


we thought we’ll take a 10 minute drive to check out the deepavali action in our part of town.

we stayed on for 3 hours….

after all that bragging in the last post…


here’s what happened.

firstborn is solving some mathproblems in a workbook. he asks me to correct them. i check a couple here and there… and then there’s this puzzler.

i ask firstborn to fetch me a glass of water and when his back is turned I quickly TURN TO THE ANSWERS SECTION AND VERIFY.


the child is in FIRSTGRADE.

my vadas may have graduated.

but my math is still at kindergarten.



vada: the singular case of the empty space contributing to 100 per cent taste.

all my efforts since 2.2.2004 were spherical, golden, soft and light but the centre O was glaringly absent…

quantum leap deepavali.

i think an 87 per cent success rate

getting so cocky, i feel like making heart-shaped holey vadas and patenting.

the kl deepavali


this festive season is the one i am not missing home… mostly because it’s very festive here. these are full page ads that came out in today’s straits times.

(i love how different the ads are from what i am used to seeing in chennai)

**i tried to find a link to show you. but the ads dont appear in the online version.**
so my dslr came to the rescue. i think you can click on the ad to see a bigger version.

happy deepavali ladies.

and here’s the festivity at home…

dots curves and lights


recognise the frosted glass tray from the last post?


the first image with flash

in a mostly depressing day…


… when firstborn is quoting from vadivelu (i will NEVER forgive the mmmim for permanently watching kaamedy)

there were still a few happies per MiM:

1. i found this flower stuck outside our door. i was ready to believe it was an anonymous gift from our secret admirer…

…and pretend i didnt see that black card stuck in the middle that said it was a corporate promo by our cable TV provider.

bad photo of a lovely flower

is this photo better?

note the neat sip of water the flower gets…

the stem of the flower... beautifully fitted into a vial of water to keep it fresh all day

2. festive season alert

the toranam i made from my favourite mango tree...

i love stringing together this leafy green banner.

of course, the mmmim has guaranteed that it will dry up before deepavali. bah!


pot luck!

apparently a pot needs to be readied and coaxed and coated to get on the fire … else the sambar really tastes like mud.
so. this is one apprentice pot chez the MiM.
high definition sambars coming up next week


deepavali sweets that go crunch...

and therefore a Mim who goes crunch
and baby param who goes crunch
and firstborn who goes crunch…

festive love on frosted glass from a friend


ang pao envelopes. a malaysian tradition of gifting moolah ...

love the pretty peacock feather on the purple one…

email from the bff


the bff is a total nutjob.
climbing the himalayas with three 70 year olds.
writing requests for scholarships while cursing her superiors under her breath( ” give me the f****** money you supreme non-scientific idiot so I can get on wih my life..blah, blah BLAHHH”)

so when i wished her on her birthday, 10 days later she panics with this mail:

Anyways, I just realized I am the worst friend on the planet. I never
wished u on June 16 – Happy belated birthday meri janmo ki dost-

And why do you put up with me?

erm. my birthday was on june 13.