Monthly Archives: March 2014

From zero


I have started music lessons. Carnatic music — appreciation and even singing — from a musician who is creme de la creme in chennai, she is a pedigree A Grade musician, she has Sung at the music academy. Won all the titles there are to win.

And here as I key this in… I am wondering why she would bother…

I don’t have a singing voice. I have a fair sense of music, poor sense of rhythm and zero natural talent. And it is not for money – no fee is charged. And so I am guessing it must be for love…

What I have in my favour is schadenfreude, because some women in my batch are gasp worse than me.

This is a recent video of maami and her students, singing at the Mecca of music in chennai.

She has it all artistry, prowess bordering on genius… And it breaks my heart as she hears my version of mohanam.