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parallel lines


Mom to friend (On the Landline): “Nalla vellai. The medical reports say that there is no major illness. My son says there is nothing to worry. I am sure I will recover in a few weeks time.”

Son to friend (On the cellphone): Amma has stage four cancer, we are not telling her.

at the parents teacher meet


the teacher says: Your firstborn brings a sense of peace and calm into the class. He gives me confidence that I can teach and he will learn. I am pleased to have a child like him in my class…”

I am floating in this pink cloud somewhere.

And i try to forget that this is the teacher who has spelt writing as “writting” in bold letters on the cover of 20 class-work notebooks.

international contest number 2


since everyone is dying to eat the paneer starter displayed here.

i am pleased to present you THE uncrunchable contest of the blog.

Guess the other main ingredient that went into the making of that paneer starter in the photo on the link.

Contest closes on March 13.
But, the first person to post the correct answer wins.
No multiple guesses allowed.
Neelum: you may not enter.
Neelum: You may not tell any of your friends the right answer

Oh: And there’s a exciting gift hamper in store for the winner…

work in progress…


might as well tell you how i am spending my days.

am trying to fire away at the bollywoodian synapses that are surely stowed away in my brain.

am trying to see what lines i have in store so that i can do aneela’s tag

things arent going well.

i have only one line.
which is only a word.
which is actually a song.
so it may be disqualified
because it isnt dialogue.

“nimbuda” : from Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, which i thought was a stealer of a lime er line. I love lemon juice. taller the glasses the better. In fact i can drink a whole jug’s worth.

which is also why the tag isnt going too well. because i keep having to get up to use the loo. after the whole jug’s worth.

someone didnt want more food photography?


(well. am restraining myself, by providing you with the bare minimum)

paneer starters that went crunch

chaat in pineapple's clothing

the swans served the chutney

a holi themed party. therefore multi-coloured biriyani:…

the biriyani

the cutlery and the home decor is for t.p.l.’s benefit

the lady at the door

for t.p.l (who loves to look at these things)

t.p.l. are you looking?

t.p.l. i wouldnt have photographed this table if not for you. ok?

hands up — those of you who thought this was all my hard work?
hee haa haaaaaa haaaaaaaahahahhaha.