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totally loving “an Indian Summer” by James Cameron.


written in 1974.

he talks about why he likes Madras…

“Madras has not the second-hand self importance of New Delhi nor the hysterical ugliness of Bombay, it is a million miles from the despairing horros of Calcutta. It is an agreeable, rather boring place; it is the sort of place I would be if i were a town.”



this weekend, we move seven floors higher

i’ll miss the corridor. the place where i made friends with the neighbour. who is the best part of living on this floor.

yes. i know. i know that we’ll be still be in the same block, but never just round the corner:-(

my ma is…


…someone I travel 4 hours to see; plan the trip months in advance while wishing the days speed by in a swish; and for who i shop to increase her twin addictions to sugared-slivers of dried-ginger (from a Mega Mall in Kuala Lumpur), and palm-sugar (tall brown cylinders of sweetness from Malacca.)

And what do we do when we meet? argue. disagree. squabble. play in loop.

(miss you, ma)

how to annoy the mmmim@work– part one


Me to the mmmim: “never mind if you are too busy to talk and in a meeting. Just pass the phone to whoever is free, I’ll chat with them…”

guaranteed aaaargh generator. tried today and tested.


the bff is in gurgaon for a 10-hour stopover and sends me an email:

“Bloody hell! this place has to be seen to be believed. its not even a concrete jungle. it’s gawdy corporate america meets Indian showmanship– to manipulate India’s youth. Brainwashing and visual stimuli at its worst!”

wondering what she saw that set her off …
or was it jet lag….


from words to sentences


one hoped one’s toddler’s first full sentence would be an

“I love you ma”
“I love appa”
“I love big brother..”

etc etc

Baby Param yelled his first full sentence loud and clearly (for 18 floors of residents to hear). This while racing in the corridor, with an 8 year old, 5 year old and 4 year old.

with his 22-month-lungs he bellowed:


I think i should be glad that his first full sentence wasnt “pass the remote”

by my calender


i would have heard the songs from raavanan/raavan by 2011 (for the first time). considering there’s a time-delay in my catching up with Kollywood/Bollywood.

I am still in january 2010. love love love this lilting song from naanayam. spb and chitra.

hollywoodwise i am in 2006: watched casino royale today. ..(dubbed tamil version) very pouty james bond. no? anyways. off to google the story to understand the movie.

forever srilanka


…i loved it there. this is my second visit. I went there with my parents eight years ago… and never forgot the land that’s more green than green.

that’s why I persuaded the mmmim to choose SriLanka.

i live on the sixth floor in an apartment in KL that has 18 floors. I’m tired of structures that tower over the world. Tired of towers and sky scrapers and high rises. And Sri Lanka is all houses. Rows and rows and rows of houses. How lovely is it be so grounded.

Wesak is a unique time to see Sri Lanka. Celebratory flags, paper lanterns dot the landscape. In the middle of a rattly road from Bentota to Kandy, a young boy flags our van down… He offers a tray and a big smile. Some sweet hot herbal tea and biscuits for us.

the boy with the biscuits...

a boy waves the flag on the road. a signal for travellers to stop

We are taken aback. Kinda shy to accept the kindness and hospitality of strangers.
“This is a tradition during this time of the year,” says our driver Darsana.

Buddha Land

I loved to see a Buddha statue at every turn and every nook. That the boatman was a Buddhist and so was our driver. Firstborn temporarily (only temporarily) stopped to chatter about Hanuman and try sit in the Padmasana like the Buddha.

How lovely it is… When beauty is not grand, afar, breathtaking and immense. Srilankan beauty is close and familiar enough to touch. Flowers that i cant name in colours that i cant describe. Beaches that are white. Evening skies that are pink. Waterfalls that are as tall as I am. Tea, made with machinery that is NOT state of the art (yay!)

When you visit SriLanka you know nature is close at hand.

more pix:

attention tpl. more hakoba...

how much fun veggie shopping can be...