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i checked baby param’s temperature …

there’s a diff in reading: shows 99.8 in one ear and 100.4 in another.

“So my left ear can go to school, and this right one can stay at home, ma?” he asks.

just sometimes, fevers come with laugh lines.

the good utbt recommended aksharit. and my fingers flew on the keyboard to push the good folks at flipkart to speeddeliver, since firstborn wants to be absent on mondayhindiday.

i continue to hate every board game. i am averse to every last one.
but i played this one because, “main ma hoon”. and motherhood has no fear like a mother having the prospect of a 7 year old at home on monday…
we had a kennyesque situation (that she wrote about after her sanskrit game).
when the mmmim played he forgot why we spent rs. 499. the purpose. the goal. the hidden motive. “I WIN. I WIN I WIN” he bellowed in a very obvious direct “you child of mine are a hindi midget “manner…
much head smoting followed(mine)
much loud wailing followed (firstborn)
much refusing to see big picture continued (mmmmim)

CONCLUSION:aksharit is a neat start for a hindi newbie … but how do we get firstborn to play on his own?

# things that are annoying my family


1. no tv: relatives from both sides have ganged together and are in unison doing the “tut tut tut”, poor mmmim, poor kids, evil mim…(mwhahahaha. let me sharpen my horns on a wall and snort gun powder through my expanding nostrils)


2. fasting: i do a fortnightly water-only 24 hour- fast. when i was in KL it was only my business, no one knew. and now i have no idea how word spread… but i wont be suprised if the isthriwallah, while collefcting his change will say:  ” Madam, pls drink fruit juice…this  fasting is not good for you!’ aaaaaaaaaaaargh!!!!!



democratic giantess


there’s a billboard for the chief minister that terms her that.

omg. if i were the cm, i’d hunt that person down and give him three months without the option. that’ll teach him, i tell ya.

went to the lalit kala akademi with the boys.

firstborn was keen to shake hands with the sun god. and the boys peered and peered at the madhubani section, mainly because there was an artist at work.

tailpiece: I bought a palm leaf art bookmark for firstborn.
At home, he read the mahabharata, used the bookmark, came back to his page after a break … and happily told me: “ma! the bookmark is working well…”

happy to note


that it still feels like I live in KL …

my laptop still shows Malaysian Time.

by default google goes to

it’s raining and my clothes are dry

the mmmim is still in the office

ma is her general disapproving self on the phone

the mmmim is likely to go to the office on saturday

I found lurpak butter

the mmmim is likely to go to the office on sunday

I found figs, prunes and dates

there’s a neighbour’s kid who bosses over me

i buy idhayam nallennai in plastic bottles

I dont buy today’s paper

there’s a krishna sweets dubba in the fridge