experiment without t.v.


on our India trip the children were on a TV overload, and I thought we needed to detox.

so its now almost 50 days of zero t.v. here…

it’s an experiment that has worked v.v.v. well…

1. the boys are playing together. more than ever.
2. imaginative play — increased in firstborn’s case. baby param – no sig. change
3. it used to be my magic switch to shush the kids if the phone rang and i wanted to chat or if i was cooking… no longer. now baby param takes all my calls. and i speed cook.
4. the worst part: even if they watched tv for half an hour a day… it’s after effect sorta creeped into the whole day. and turned into whining, not being able to play together, needing me to entertain, a part of their minds was still zoned out. i think.
5. tv in kl is better than the ad-infested mess that tv in chennai is. still. off is best.


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  1. Wow! Kids apart, I think TV for adults is also a bad idea, and really like that one, you dared to experiment with no TV and two, it’s worked well.

    • when me and the mmmim were married, we didnt have tv for the first year together… was a really good idea (no cric matches)
      and a lot of travelling together.

  2. we have done it (well, not done really, it just happened by itself) since >500 days now. effects:
    1. the kids are their own babysitters.
    2. even when i am on the phone – which is a LOT. or working. or blogging πŸ˜‰
    3. they have many real friends with who they can hang out all day and not get bored
    4. they dont get bored in any case
    5. their default option when they have time (which is a lot) is to read
    6. they do lots of craft – and some of it is seriously good stuff (even if i am biased)
    7. their extra classes dont seem like taking too much of their time because they have lots of time anyway

    end of post. i am off my blog, so thanks for the space!

  3. woww!MIM I hope I can do this..really,I am trying to cut down A’s TV time..and more than the time,its the after effect that bother me most.I am so glad someone else feels that way(about the after-effects!)…how did u get the husband to stay off or does he not care too?
    My problem is getting the husband to stay off!!!gaah!

  4. i just took a baby step at this. I took away the channels my kids are addicted to so they didn’t spend as much time on TV. To be fair I also made sure the OH & I lost our favorite channels as well. But then the darn Netflix still ensures we watch TV. Now it’s just the programs we really want to watch instead of random crap that’s streamed all day.

  5. We’ve reduced it to 30 mins but your point abt the effect creeping into the whole day… it is difficult to do zero tv since we have a tv at home for the inlaws … but seriously considering…

      • Me too want the formula to take the tv out of husband’s lives.now that world cup fever is on..
        Tv is less of a trouble around here…need to apply this to youtube now

          • oh yes..he has his own ‘compotuter’ which can play nothing else except e i e i o.
            did u put baby param to school…i am having school thoughts myself …the thoughts of sending to school only when he turns 3 are gradually pushing themselves out of the window.

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